Super-blurry Motorola photos hint at 8-megapixel 'Skarven' mobile

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blurry-motorola-pics.jpgDon’t blame us for these ultra-blurry photos, they were taken by a sneaky journo in a Motorola presentation in Amsterdam, where photo-taking was strictly NOT allowed.

They previewed four new mobiles for next year’s line-up, including ‘Skarven’, (top right) which apparently has 8-megapixels (yes, this is still a mobile phone we’re talking about), optical zoom and a touch-sensitive screen. The three other phones that were proudly shown off by Motorola include the X PIXL (5-megapixels), TEXEL (music-playing handset with multi-layered keypad) and the GENGHIS (no, not Keef’s dog on Eastenders, a business handset with full QWERTY keyboard).

Full deets as and when we get them.

(via Pocket Picks)

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