VIDEO: Cheap iPhone 5C case leaks – white plastic case looking increasingly likely


Alongside increasingly frequent leaks concerning the iPad 5, , whispers of Apple’s “cheap” iPhone model are growing in volume, with the recently-christened iPhone 5C seeming more likely than ever to be next on Apple’s produce unvieling schedule.

Today, we’ve got a fresh look on what’s reported to be the casing for the iPhone 5C, captured on film by Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara.

Other than seeing the alleged handset casing alongside an iPhone 5, the video reveals little that we don’t already (presume) to know – there’s a curvy white plastic casing, with speaker grille placed on the bottom edge, looking slightly thicker than the the premium iPhone 5. It’s as legitimate a leak as any other we’ve seen so far, with the iPhone 5C increasingly reminding us (in terms of looks) of the HTC One X.

Of course, the use of plastics in the design makes the iPhone 5C one of the easier Apple products of late to hoax, so we’ll still take this one with a pinch of salt. But with the weight of leaks beginning to mount up, we’re more inclined than ever to believe that a budget iPhone really is on its way.

Gerald Lynch


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