Xbox One could get Oculus Rift style glasses, suggests new patent

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xbox-one-headset-patent.jpgThe Xbox One may be set to get a head-mounted display accessory, after a newly unearthed patent adds wieght to the rumours from last year that Microsoft were working on a set of “Fortaleza Glasses”.

The patent, called the “Multiplayer gaming with head-mounted display” was spotted by Engadget, and looks set to combine facial recognition, eye-tracking and depth analysis, as well as accepting voice commands and including voice recognition.
However, rather than focussing on gaming, the application for the glasses (according to the patent listing at least) suggests that Microsoft would use the specs to simplify the process of setting up multiplayer games over Xbox Live. A user would be able to invite a player to a game using a voice command, as well as accepting invites, with the glasses’ camera able to identify other players faces. It could potentially do away with many of the frustrating menus that sit before a multiplayer bout.
Elsewhere in the document, the patent shows users seeing their pals augmented into a game through the specs, suggesting augmented reality features not unlike Google Glass.

Head-mounted gaming accessories look set to be a real major market for gaming this year, helped along by the great amount of goodwill and anticipation that the exciting Oculus Rift headset is currently enjoying.

Gerald Lynch
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