VIDEO: Alleged iPad 5 casing leak hints at iPad mini influence

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We’re coming up to a full year round since the launch of the iPad 4, and all eyes are now on what Apple will do next with their full-sized world beating tablet line. With leaks beginning to trickle in, Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara have posted a video of what they claim is the casing for the new iPad 5 model.

The video (embedded above) shows what appears to be the standard 9.7-inch format favoured by Apple’s larger tablets, rather than the rumours of a larger 12.9 inch device that has been rumoured.

While the video offers little to go on in terms of specs, most interesting is the apparent influence of the iPad mini in this alleged iPad 5 case’s design. Look at how thin those left and right hand side bezel edges are, and how much more angular and sharp the curve around into the back plate seems.

There’s also interestingly the use of a transparent Apple logo on the rear of the case, though that is likely the by-product of being a prototype model, rather than any design change.

The slim-line bezel also lines up with earlier rumours that Apple were looking to shave as much as a third off the overall weight of the iPad 4 model.

Of course, it could simply be a hoax, but given the warm reception the iPad mini garnered, and Apple’s need to show off an updated design for the iPad beyond it simply being a spec boost, this slimmer look is likely the route they will take.

Gerald Lynch
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