"Call it Compaq": Dell CEO mocks HP PSG move

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michael-dell.jpgThe golves are off! Dell founder and current CEO Michael Dell has put his best quip on the table, mocking rival HP following the news that they’re abandoning webOS and looking to sell off their PC division.

“If HP spins off their PC business….maybe they will call it Compaq?” joked Dell on his Google+ account, referring to HP’s $25 billion acquistion of Compaq back in 2005.

“They are calling it a separation but it feels like a divorce,” the Dell boss added later.

The whole HP move must be a weight off Dell’s shoulders. Dell had slipped behind HP as the world’s biggest PC seller back in 2007, forcing Michael Dell to step back into the driving seat of his company after stepping away briefly in order for Dell to once more become top dog.

Still, it shows that PCs and laptops are in an increasingly precarious position, with the rise of the tablet showing no signs of slowing.

Gerald Lynch
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  • DELL have made serious mistakes especially in their indecision over to work through a reseller channel or go direct, but Michael Dell’s comment is 100% accurate.

    HP spent billions buying a PC company, to gain market share of the PC business, now they are getting out of that business.

    The sad fact is that the CEOs who made both decisions will not lose out personally.

    The shareholders and employees may lose out, but the CEO who was sacked for acquiring Compaq got a $20m severance package. In future, if the decision to divest their PC business is deemed to be bad, then Leo Apotheker will also certainly receive a multi-million dollar pay off, not bad for making bad decisions is it?


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