"Call it Compaq": Dell CEO mocks HP PSG move

The golves are off! Dell founder and current CEO Michael Dell has put his best quip on the table, mocking rival HP following the news that they're abandoning webOS and looking to sell off their PC division. "If HP spins…

Vladimir Putin lays the smack down on Michael Dell


File this one under “lol”. Last night at the World Economic Forum on Davos, Switzerland, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gave a 40 minute keynote speech about a variety of topics. In the ‘questions’ section afterwards, Dell chairman Michael Dell said nice things about Russia’s scientific prowess, and then asked how his company could help Russia expand its IT infrastructure.

Putin’s response?

“We don’t need your help. We are not invalids. We don’t have limited mental capacity.”

Ouch. Video over the jump, the smackdown begins right at the start.