Dell E – the real name of the mini-Inspiron

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We’ve got some more info on Dell’s sub-notebook thanks to Gizmodo who seem to have their fingers stuffed well and truly into the PC manufacturer’s pies. The mini-Inspiron is now better known as the Dell E. Well, isn’t that original? Are they sure that’s not the Dell Eee?

Just like most subbies, the Dell E has a 8.9″ screen and, although it starts at a competitive $299, looks as though you’ll be able to spec it up to your heart’s content.

The other news that fell out of the Dell tree (deltree, get it?) is that the Texas company will be matching the likes of the super slim laptops of the Apple Air and Lenovo X300 ilk with their product called – have you guessed yet – the Dell Slim. Genius. Did Michael Dell come up with that one out himself or do you think he had a team of creatives working round the clock?

The E Slim is 12.1″ across, 0.8″ thick and will come with Wi-Max after it’s released in August or September, just after the Dell E.

Realising that the laptop market is all about segmentation, Dell will also be launching the E Classic, E Video and E Video+ with varying amounts of RAM and flash storage depending upon your needs.

Dell (via Gizmodo)

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