Intel promise smartphones with 10 day battery life by 2011

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intel_logo.jpgIntel have been showing off their new Moorestown mobile processor, now renamed the Intel Atom Z-Series. Thanks to the processor’s intelligent power consumption, they believe that they’ll be able to offer a phone with ten days worth of battery life from a single charge by the end of the year.

The chip, now officially launched, will offer speeds of 1.5Ghz for mobile handsets and 1.9Ghz for tablet devices. As well as ten day’s worth of standby power, the new chip wil allow mobile devices to run audio playback for 2 whole days, 720p video and internet browsing for 5 hours, 1080p video for 4 hours and 3G calls for 6 hours.

The Atom Z-Series chips are able to offer these extended playback times by only powering on specific elements of the chip as needed by the task in question.

All phones using the chip will also have the ability to house multiple 5-megapixel cameras for both still and video recording and video calling, and 1080p video with HDMI output.

Android phones will be supported, as well as devices on Intels own new Linux-based Meego platform. Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 tablet devices are not currently supported, though Intel expect that to change in the future.

The new processors will be in phones in UK shops by the second half of 2010.

Gerald Lynch
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