15 Must-Follow General Election Twitter feeds

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election twitter 2.jpgIf there is one thing other than “Bigotgate” that this General Election will be remembered for, it’ll be the growing use of social media to share party policies and give voice to the nation’s voters. From the #nickcleggsfault hashtag to former Labour candidate Stuart MacLennan’s offensive tweets, there has been both plenty to talk about and plenty of ways to share and interact during the campaign.

The micro-blogging Twitter craze in particular has caught on with time-strapped politicians and political commentators alike, offering a vast forum in which to throw quick glimpses of life on the campaign trail.

It can, however, be a bit daunting too, with Tweets relating to the election climbing above the hundred-thousand mark during the Election debates.

To help you navigate all the different streams of info available to voters, here is a brief guide to the 15 Must-Follow Twitter feeds of the General Election.


@uklabour : The official twitter feed for the Labour party, aggregating tweets from many Labour candidates.
@SarahBrown10 : Sarah Brown, wife of PM Gordon, tweets very regularly, and quite often replies to her followers.
@campbellclaret : Labour sultan of spin Alastair Campbell can be very outspoken on his feed. Definitely worth following.
@Dmiliband : Foreign secretary David Miliband’s Twitter feed. Keeps it simple, mostly documenting his travels up and down the campaign trail, though a recent “Ross Kemp is a rock star” tweet made me laugh.
@JohnPrescott : Another fairly vocal and prolific tweeter, John Prescott surprisingly counts Gok Wan as among his followers!


@Conservatives : The official feed of the Conservative party, again pulling together related feeds from all over the shop.
@mayoroflondon : Boris Johnson’s feed this one. Another regular user, but has stayed unusually quiet during the election
@toryradio : The Tory radio feed founded by Jonathan Sheppard. Calls the Lib Dems the “Fib Dems” on a regular basis. Oh how I chuckled…
@iaindale : Twitter feed for Iain Dale, a prolific Tory blogger who considers himself “Much wittier than your average Tory”.

Liberal Democrats

@libdems : The official feed for all your Liberal Democrat needs, aggregating content from many pro-lib dem feeds.
@nick_clegg : Nick Cleggs twitter feed which is unsurprisingly, though disappointingly, managed by David Angell. Plenty of followers though.
@joswinson : Lib Dem candidate for East Dunbartonshire. Jo Swinson tweets a lot, and not all about politics. For instance, her last tweet reads “Digestive Caramels: too moreish…” Mmm yummy biscuit politics.


@tweetminister : Tweet Minister aggregates all the major General Election trends, feeds and hashtags. Be warned however; it moves at a frightening pace and can be quite overwhelming at peak news times.
@aiannucci : Armando Ianucci, comedian and writer of The Thick Of It, takes charge of this feed. Always funny, pointed and satirical.
@theelectionblog : The feed for www.theelectionblog.co.uk. Lots of good content every day from these guys, who strive to put up one new interview everyday.

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