HP Elitebook 6930p with 24hr battery life is the Jack Bauer of laptops


That’s right – 24 hours. What could you do on a laptop in 24 hours? You could listen to 432 songs, or watch 11 films, or even make money on the internet. Except you probably couldn’t do those things, because published battery life always assumes a computer just sitting there, not doing anything. Using speakers, WiFi or the DVD drive, or anything will drain that battery faster…

Apple iPod Touch under fire for dodgy screens, battery life


If you’ve been scanning the reports online, you might’ve heard the reports that the iPod Touch’s screen isn’t as good as the iPhone, contrary to expectations. Users have been complaining that it’s particularly noticeable when viewing dark photos or videos.

Well, it seems they weren’t making it up. Apple (via influential Wall Street Journal hack Walt Mossberg) has confirmed that some of the initial batch of iPod Touch devices DID have dodgy screens, and are working to sort the problem out.