iPhone gets battery-life boost and scratch-proof screen


iphone-inhand.jpgApple wouldn’t be Apple without springing a few surprise iPhone announcements in the days leading up to its launch. Yesterday’s was a corker too, as the company revealed that the iPhone’s battery life will be longer than expected, while it’ll be more scratch-proof too.

We’ve spent the last few months thinking iPhone would only offer five hours talktime, but that’s now been boosted to eight hours. Meanwhile, Apple is promising you’ll get 24 hours audio playback from the phone, rather than the previously-claimed 16 hours.

Meanwhile, the iPhone’s top surface will now be made out of optical glass, not plastic, which should make it more scratch-proof. Good news? Well, Apple’s shares rose more than 2% after the announcement, adding a cool billion quid to the company’s market valuation.

(via iPhonic)

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One thought on “iPhone gets battery-life boost and scratch-proof screen

  • My new unscratchable iphone screen has a huge scratch on it. It goes across 2/3’rds of the screen top to bottom. This after 4 days of treating the phone very gently, and carefully, i dont even know how it happened.

    Please dont put things like ‘scratch-proof’ in your titles unless you know it is, you are exaggerating and misguiding people imho.

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