The iRiver NV – a GPS-enabled TV/radio/MP3 superbox



Well this is aspirational. The iRiver NV pretty much does it all, and could replace everything you’ve ever spent too much money buying and subsequently leaving in a pub for the landlord to find and stick on eBay.

It is a GPS device, so you can find out where you are when you’re drunk and lost. It has a digital TV tuner so you can watch something while waiting for the emergency services to arrive, plus it plays MP3s and videos so you have something nice to listen to and watch while recuperating in hospital.

The NV is pirate-friendly, supporting the usual AVI file formats so you can watch downloaded episode of Heroes on the train (or pornography in the bathroom), does boring old MPEG and WMV files to keep Microsoft happy, plus it’s even powerful enough to cope with 30fps 352 x 288 H.264 files.

The screen is a more than adequate 7″ 800 x 480 LCD, which makes the NV more bag-sized than pocketable. Unless you walk everywhere in a big coat like it’s Manchester in 1990, or are still insisting on wearing combat trousers outside.

And, as is now compulsory in anything that fits in your pocket, the iRiver NV has a 1.3 megapixel camera. Would it be ungrateful to moan about 1.3 megapixels not being enough?

iRiver NV Multi-Functional PMP-Navigator Debuts

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