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We featured Becker a short while back with a very retro car entertainment and GPS system – the Becker Mexico. Well, the company is back with some that’s very much of today – the Becker Vision Pro touch screen multimedia player.

The Vision Pro promises flexible system promises top notch sound via its integrated high performance speakers and picture clarity from the 7-inch 16:9 TFT touch screen, claimed to be the first of its kind in DVD entertainment. There’s an analogue and DVB TV tuner for tuning into whatever TV stations are in your range and DVD playback of you want to watch a disc.

Other features for this all-in-one include CD and MP3 playback, radio reception, image viewing and the option to hook it up to a larger TV or stereo system, with a remote control to access your media. There is also a USB port, SD card slot and MMC slot. One thing that isn’t clear is battery performance – which could be low with so much going on. Although we’ll hopefully be able to judge that with a hands-on in the near future.

The Vision pro will be priced from £379 when it hits the shelves in the coming weeks.

Becker website

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