Becker Mexico – GPS like a 1960s car stereo

Satellite Navigation systems

Satellite navigation – it might help you find your way home, but it’s rarely (if ever) a stylish piece of kit. That’s not the case with the Becker Mexico, newly launched in the UK.

Design here is every bit as important as functionality, a design based on the original 1960s Becker Mexico in-car stereo. If that’s a throwback, the technology within certainly isn’t, with fully-featured satellite navigation in 34 languages, along with traffic updates and an indication of the speed limit wherever you drive.

And there’s more. It plays digital files from a card or by hooking up your iPod through the surround sound system. And it’s also a phone, allowing you to dial or send SMS messages hands-free, as well as being able to connect your own phone via Bluetooth.

Becker provide the sound systems for both Porsche and Maserati, so you’ll not be surprised to know that the price is a hefty £1,299. But if you have a vintage or classic car, it’s well worth a look.

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Dave Walker
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