iPhone 4G to be delayed by court ruling?

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The iPhone 4G may be delayed by an unexpected court ruling. And no, before you ask, it has nothing to do with stolen devices or industrial espionage, but a rather less interesting lawsuit concerning the next-gen iPhone’s screen.

LG are expected to be the supplier of the 4G’s rumoured HD OLED screen. But LG have recently lost a court ruling to rival screen manufacturer AU Optronics, with a judge ruling that LG infringed on some of AUO’s screen tech.

AUO are now in a position to put an injunction on all products using LG’s OLED screens, which would include the iPhone 4G, should it contain one of the displays.

Of course, this all has to be taken with a pinch of salt where the iPhone is concerned. Despite the leak, we’re still no closer to official confirmation of any of the phone’s components. But weighing up the evidence and market trends, an LG OLED screen in the 4G is hardly unbelievable. A delay then could well be on the cards.

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