Internet Explorer's browser market share drops below 60%

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firefox-eats-internet-explorer.jpgMicrosoft‘s Internet Explorer browser had a pretty rough month in April. The browser saw its share of the browsing market drop to below 60%, their worst market share since 1999.

Internet Explorer may remain the most widely used of all browsers, but the fall means IE has lost around 9% of its user base in the last 11 month. Official figures from NetApplications count the drop being from a 68.32 percent share to 59.95 per cent.

It seems the introduction of the Browser Ballot, allowing Windows users a clear choice of default browsers, is shaking things up quite significantly.

Google’s Chrome browser jumped up 6.73 percent in market share, seeing it overtake Apple’s Safari and take the spot of the third most popular browser.

Opera, currently in fifth place also saw a jump in share, rising from 2.03 to 2.3 per cent.

Firefox, the second most widely used internet browser, also experienced a small jump in market share, rising from 22.43 per cent to 24.59 per cent.

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  • As a web developer, I’ll be happy when IE market share is in single figures. Supporting IE quirkiness is still the most painful of development tasks IMO.

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