Atom hits 2GHz with the Intel Z550


Intel has broken the 2GHz barrier with their Atom Z550 CPU announced earlier today. The chip-type, made famous by the netbook and other UMPCs, will support Intel’s Hyperthreading technology and run up to 2GB of 533MHz DDR2 RAM.

The new hardware was shown off today in a conference in Beijing. It coincides with the first birthday of the Atom and this latest incarnation continues in the same mould by supplying the processing power at just 3W. Obviously a busy day for Intel.

(via Bit-Tech)

Intel shrinking its Atom processor range – 60% smaller "Pineview" model coming soon


The super-cheap, super-small, super-popular Intel Atom processor that’s in everyone’s new laptop right now, is set for a redesign – with Intel rolling out a smaller version with more built-in functionality during the second half of 2009.

The new chip, codenamed Pineview, includes an “integrated graphics processor” and on-board memory controller, according to a report…

Nvidia reveals Ion Platform which could bring high-definition and high powered gaming to netbooks


Nvidia has unveiled its Ion Platform, based upon the GeForce 9400, claiming that if it were to be put into an Intel Atom-based netbook it could allow high definition footage and high-powered games to run with ease.

Nvidia reckons that the GeForce 9400 offers up to ten times the performance of the integrated graphics solution that comes with the Atom chip, featuring 16 processing cores and 52 GLOPS of processing power. Therein lies the problem, though: Intel’s Atom comes with its own integrated graphics, so separating it and allowing other manufacturers to sell their own GPUs along with the main processor is going to require some lobbying of Intel…

MSI has the same idea as Asus, a little bit after Asus – reveals its Neton "all-in-one" Intel Atom desktop

MSI’s been doing a bit of tech blog espionage again, launching three “all in one” PCs with touch screen powers that appear extremely similar to the ones Asus showed off recently.

Three alternate MSI Neton models have been revealed – the M16, M19 and M22. I’ll now give you a bit more information about all three, as you can’t work much out about them from those boring model names.

All three run XP Home and have touch screens so you can get fingerprints over the bit you look at all the time. Touch screens on desktops are a terrible idea. The M16 is the smallest model, with its Intel Atom processor stuck into the case of a 15.6″ 1366 x 768 monitor. The M19 features…