Intel shrinking its Atom processor range – 60% smaller "Pineview" model coming soon

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intel-chipset-moustache.jpgThe super-cheap, super-small, super-popular Intel Atom processor that’s in everyone’s new laptop right now, is set for a redesign – with Intel rolling out a smaller version with more built-in functionality during the second half of 2009.

The new chip, codenamed Pineview, includes an “integrated graphics processor” and on-board memory controller, according to a report in DigiTimes, with the newer 45nm chip also featuring a higher 2GHz clock speed and support for faster DDR2 667 RAM.

Despite having more in, the Pineview range will be smaller, allowing for the further miniaturisation of things that have already been well miniaturised. The new Atoms will arrive late in 2009.

(Via DigiTimes)

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