Sanyo Xacti camcorder range including horizontal and Full HD models


Those bods at Akihabara News, who get up in the morning about the time I going to bed, have scooped up the latest range of Sanyo Xacti camcorders that I thought I was going to have to wait until this evening to see.

Live from Sanyo HQ we find five HD additions to the compact video camera rage which include the slim, the sleek, the waterproof and the horizontal.

HD2000 & FH1 – Full HD

Top of the pops are the 1080p HD2000 and the horizontal incarnation the FH1. Both come with 8-megapixel sensors for stills (effective at 5.31-megapixels for video), and you get 8GB of storage with the FH1 to collect all your 1920×1080/60p recordings, encoded at 24MBps, if you’d rather not use an SD or SDHC card.

You’re treated to a very reasonable 10x optical zoom with both models and an impressive ISO range of 50-3200 which will pretty much guarantee viable results at all lighting levels.

You get high speed recording up to 600fps for all your homemade super-slow mo effects but what Sanyo is particularly proud of is the Reverse Sequential Shot function which sounds like playing everything backwards to me but I’m sure I’ll have news on that feature later.


DMX-CA9 & DMX-WH1 – Waterproof

The DMXs CA9 and WH1 may only record 720p HD but they can do it under water – the DMX-CA9 at up to 1.5m and the DMX-WH1 to 3m. That’s not exactly much good if you’re a diver but snorkellers and swimmers alike will have a ball.

They have a fairly pitiful 43GB of onboard memory, which are of course expandable to an official 32GB of SD or SDHC, but what they don’t have in HDD space they make up for in zoom with the CA9 floundering on 5x and the WH1 with the lion’s share at a whopping 30x. I know which I’m buying.

DMX-CG10 – small

Lastly is the DMX-CG10 which features the same 8/5.31-megapixel sensor. The trick for this one is size and it seems to manage that pretty well at 167cc and 171g and by being both 2.5% slimmer and 10% lighter than the HD800, the model which it replaces.

Now, these are all supposed to be for release in the US market but I find it a little too much of a coincidence that there’s a Xacti press conference tonight in London.

The one thing we don’t really know too much about are the optics which are going to be crucial in getting good results and I’m sure I’ll have some news on that later as well as some all important footage and few more accurate specifications.

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  • It’s the height of the 2009 Christmas shopping season and neither the VPC-FH1A or VPC-HD2000A are for sale in any retail store. Sears, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Walmart, and many other are not selling these models. What’s up with that? What is the point of introducing a new product if it is only for sale through questionable online sellers. Come on Sanyo, get your sales act together. We want to buy your product but you have to be willing to sell it in standard sales establishments.

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