Apple iPad: Everything a UK owner needs to know

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iPad and the App Store

Here at Tech Digest, we’ve been covering the iPad, rumours and all, since it was just a spark in Jonathan Ive’s madly creative head. What with the Apple tablet now officially launched here in the UK, we thought we’d scour the archives to give you a handy guide to the features, apps, and debates surrounding the Cupertino giant’s new Jesus gadget.

Check out the best of the bunch below:

iPad launch event

Our first look at the tablet, including its features, specs, apps, games and ebooks.

Penguin’s iBooks

eBooks are set to be a big draw on the Apple tablet, and Penguin’s tech demo was the best to date. Take a look at what you could soon be enjoying on your iPad here.

The Flash debate

Like it or loathe it, Flash does not (and probably never will) feature on the iPad, meaning a fair amount of video and gaming content on the web wont be accessible. Steve Jobs has been pretty vocal in his reasoning for this. Check the post above to see why.

Data Plans: O2, Vodafone and Orange

If you’ve managed to grab yourself a 3G enabled iPad, you’re going to want to get yourself a data plan to be able to access the web whilst on the go. Here’s a run down on plans from three of the biggest network providers.

Video: Top 5 Free iPad apps

Shiny Shiny’s Anna has been lucky enough to have had her hands on an iPad for quite a few weeks now. Here’s her video guide to five of the best free apps available for the iPad.

iPad rivals – Dell Streak, JooJoo, Apad and Gemini

Apple’s iPad has fired up renewed interest in the tablet PC form factor, with plenty of companies looking to ride the wave of hype it has generated. But are they any good? Here’s a look at some of the rivals vying for attention.

Video: iPad cases

You’ve just spent £400+ on your shiny new toy so the last thing you want to happen is for your iPad to get scuffed, scratched or even worse, broken. Investing in a good quality case is a must, and here’s a quick video guide to some of the finest that money can buy.

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