JooJoo tablet hits the UK

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JooJoo uk.jpgFusion Garage have finally unleashed their JooJoo tablet onto the British public.

Despite slow sales in the US (with reports of figures as low as 64 units sold), it has a lot going for it. There’s a massive 12.1 inch screen onboard, USB accessory support, as well as a camera and a microphone, both of which are sorely missing from the iPad.

With a big focus on web-browsing, it also boasts an “innovative, browser-based” operating system that allows the tablet to boot up in just nine seconds.

Fusion Garage founder and CEO, Chandrasekar (Chandra) Rathakrishnan said: “The Internet is consumed via many devices-none of which are specifically designed for the experience. JooJoo is the first device completely dedicated to the Internet. It puts the magic of the Web at your fingertips whether you are on the sofa or on the go. JooJoo was built from the ground up with the aim of providing the ultimate browsing experience. Our name literally means magic and our product delivers it.”

With full Flash support, it definitely offers a more complete web-surfing experience than the iPad’s. But it does have a few problems of its own too. Its battery life is just 5 hours, half that of the iPad’s, and there is only 4GB of onboard storage, though this is made a little easier to bear thanks to USB and USB memory stick support.

And at just £319, it’s a fair sight cheaper too. Cheap enough though to warrant a purchase though?

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Gerald Lynch
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