Toshiba show off 21-inch glasses-less 3D TV

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Toshiba 21 inch autostereoscopic screen 2.jpg3D TVs are all well and good, but we all secretly know that they’ll be a lot more attractive if we didn’t have to wear silly glasses for it to work properly.

Enter Toshiba’s Mobile Display team. They’ve been working away at a 21-inch glasses-free auto-stereoscopic 3D TV.

While 3D glasses are annoying, auto-stereoscopic screens bring with them their own problems. Eye-fatigue is an issue when watching 3D TVs without glasses, but Toshiba believe they’ve figured out a work-around for their 1280×800 resolution screen. By adding a lens sheet to scale back the luminance intensity and a “multi-parallax approach” to smooth images and widen the viewing angle, Toshiba Mobile Display hope that it’s safe enough for extended viewing.

Very much still in the testing stages this one, with no price or consumer release date set. It remains however a mouth watering glimpse at the future of 3D TVs.

Gerald Lynch
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