Touch technology coming to toys of the 1970s – Rubik's TouchCube

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rubiks-touchcube.jpgDepending on your viewpoint and cynicism levels today, the Rubik’s TouchCube is either an extremely cool update of the 1970s puzzle world-beater, or a cynical attempt to cash-in on today’s touch screen madness.

Frankly, we’re prepared to confound your expectations by going for option #1 – it’s a very cool little toy. The touchable Rubik update not only LIGHTS UP for your amusement, it also MAKES SOUNDS – sampled clunks and clicks, similar to those made by furious boffins racing each other to complete the thing the quickest.

A motion-detecting accelerometer knows when you rotate it, with the touch screen illuminating the LEDs beneath when you swipe your finger across it to make a line. It even comes with built-in memory, so you can “save” your current progress to resume later, if you’ve been stuck for three hours already.

And if/when you get angry and frustrated and want to give up, because you’re not a precocious child-genius, a “solver” application will show you how it’s done.

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Gary Cutlack
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