Revealed: Top 15 games franchises of all time

From the simplicity of Alexey Pajitnov’s Tetris to the vivid realms of Pokémon and Lego, every gamer has a franchise they will always be loyal to. Chris Price takes a look at some the biggest and best gaming franchises to date.  Whether it’s a first-person shooter, a platform series or a sports game, the development of video games has produced…

Tetris pulled from Nintendo e-shop

Few titles are so closely linked with a console than Tetris is with Nintendo's Game Boy - it was the game that proved handheld gaming could work. So it's a shame to see that the 1989 original will no longer be available on 3DS via the Nintendo e-shop. According to The Telegraph, the reason is…

Top 10 Gadget Christmas Gifts for Him

[nextpage title="Next"] As Christmas fast approaches (we'd tell you how many shopping days are left, but we don't want to terrify you) it's time to think about what to get the man in your life. Forget the old reliable standby of a tie, underwear or socks - what your husband/boyfriend/son/dad/brother/uncle/secret lover really wants (and needs)…


Tech Digest's wasted youth has paid off; we're now official holders of a Guinness World Record for playing Tetris! Myself (Gerald) and ShinyShiny editor Becca Caddy now hold the record for the "Highest score on Tetris (Nintendo, 1986) for a…

Tetris alarm clock is just mean, mean, mean

I love my sleep. I love my Tetris. But the two just should never mix; playing the classic Gameboy game while doozy will leave you with a blocky mess of a screen before you can even begin to hum…

5 reasons why we love the Nintendo DS

Nintendo revealed today that over 10 million DS consoles have been sold in the UK so far. That staggering figure means one in six Brits now own a DS, and are happily catching Pokemon or training their brains. It makes…

Touch technology coming to toys of the 1970s – Rubik's TouchCube


Depending on your viewpoint and cynicism levels today, the Rubik’s TouchCube is either an extremely cool update of the 1970s puzzle world-beater, or a cynical attempt to cash-in on today’s touch screen madness.

Frankly, we’re prepared to confound your expectations by going for option #1 – it’s a very cool little toy. The Rubik’s TouchCube not only LIGHTS UP for your amusement, it also MAKES SOUNDS – sampled clunks and clicks, similar to those made by furious boffins racing each other to complete the thing the quickest…

YouTube Video of the Week: Doctor Spin – Tetris

You might have forgotten this, or been unaware of its existence, but I thought it was worth some nostalgia. This is Doctor Spin performing their rave-tinged version of the music from “Tetris” on Top of the Pops in 1992. Oh da!



The competition is certainly hotting up. The mysterious Vince won last week’s challenge with a mighty 13,728,350 score, obliterating the second place score of 34,170 from Neil. Vince says he played for an entire semester to get that good. That or he’s making up numbers. We’ll never know.

This week, we’ve got Perfect Balance. It’s less reliant on having a good mouse, you’ll be pleased to hear. It’s more of a puzzler, involving the stacking of blocks so that they don’t fall. I managed a score of 16091, on level 18, before getting stuck. How far can you get? Entries in the comments below, please.

Perfect Balance

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