RUMOUR: Apple to launch streaming film and TV service

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itunes-movies.jpgThere’s a rumour going around that Apple’s building a service for streaming film and TV shows, called iTunes Replay. It would give users the option to either download or stream a video once it’s been purchased. Apple could, obviously, charge different amounts for a stream vs a download.

But if Spotify’s popularity is anything to go by, then always-on broadband internet connections mean that the only reason you’d ever need to download something these days is if you wanted to stick it onto a portable player. Even those are increasingly delivering more and more data services.

So this is essentially “RUMOUR: The sun will rise tomorrow”. Maybe that’s a little on the mean side, but I’d be very surprised if Apple isn’t watching iPlayer and Spotify very closely, ready to follow suit whenever it can. .

In the meantime, we’ll stick with UKNova, 101 Great Goals, The Pirate Bay and iPlayer, thanks.

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Duncan Geere
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