Geek party alert: It's 1234567890 UTC today!



For the general masses, it has to be one of the most obscure reasons to party ever, but for a true geek there’s a celebration to be had later today. Thanks to Stretchy for tipping us off about this one.

At exactly 11:31:30 GMT, the Unix time stamp will be 1234567890. Of course, those cheeky San Franciscans have decided to hold an official party from 2:31pm PST (an hour early to get the alcohol flowing), but there are other parties going on around the world. Curiously, at least according to, there are none in London at present.

If you’re not scared about going out on Friday 13th, and aren’t frantically preparing for Valentine’s Day, then perhaps you can start your own British party. Ask around on the UTCWatch Twitter page, maybe.

Andy Merrett
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