LG has 'modular' VX9600 Versa in the works

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lg-vx9600-versa.jpgSmartphone buyers have so many choices – do you want a touchscreen? A QWERTY keyboard? External media buttons? 5-megapixel camera? 3.5mm headphone jack? In many cases, the features you need dictate the phone you’re getting, before usability, software and design even come into it.

That’s why I’m quite excited by the VX9600 Versa, which promises to be ‘modular’, meaning you’ll be able to plug in whatever features you want when you need them. In the image above you can see a plug-in QWERTY keyboard, and gamepads and stereo speakers are rumoured too. Sounds promising, but there’s absolutely no ship date yet, so the chances of this appearing in the near future are slim.

Howard Forums (via MobileCrunch)

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Duncan Geere
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