Bob Turek's Body Stereo – speakers to steam up your specs

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Body-Speakers.jpgDetroit designer Bob Turek’s been focusing his work on “transforming the way we view the objects we make music with”. He also happens to have made a stereo from naked people and that’s what the Body Stereo is all about.

It’s easy to take his latest piece as titillation but actually I’d quite fancy having this 36″ x 18″ x 12″ audio art creation sitting on my shelf. I don’t suppose sound quality was the first thing on his mind but provided he’s put some reasonable drivers in, it should be ok.

No mention of whether or not he’s managed to jam a sub-woofer where the sun don’t shine and I’m a little curious as to what that second jack is at the front – anatomical correctness, volume control or just another input?

I’ll leave you to imagine what other bits and pieces you could add and quite how the male version might be designed. Answers on a post card or in the comments below.

Bob Turek (via Likecool)

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