Nintendo DS "no better than a pencil" when it comes to training your brain

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Brain_Training-fraud.jpgNintendo’s much-loved Brain Training series is a FRAUD that’s of no demonstrable benefit to your brain whatsoever, which means Julie Walters and Patrick Stewart have been LYING TO US all this time.

There is no worse feeling in the world than having been lied to by Patrick Stewart.

The revelation comes from Alain Lieury, professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Rennes, who conducted a survey comparing the effectiveness of a pencil and paper and a copy of Brain Training on the development of the maths skills a bunch of ten-year-olds.

The result? Reading, playing board games and watching documentaries on TV had as much benefit to learning as playing Brain Training. Stick that in your next press release, Nintendo…

Of course, it’s all 100% true. Brain Training doesn’t train your brain – it just teaches you how to play Brain Training better. The more you play Halo 3 the better you get at Halo 3, just like the more you play Brain Training the better you get at playing Brain Training, only you never hear Microsoft saying that playing Halo 3 boosts your intelligence levels.

In fact, if our experience of Halo 3 players is anything to go on, it does quite a good job of reducing people to monosyllabic hunks of flab.

(Via The Times)

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  • Sounds like SOMEONE has a personal issue with Nintendo. The point that you’re missing is that Nintendo didn’t make brain age for kids to learn math. The game, if you knew anything about it, was marketed to ADULTS as a “game” that would keep your basic math and general calculating skills sharp. You might as well have said “Cars no better than feet when it comes to getting to grandma’s house.”

    Nintendo has never advertised Brain Age as being a primary method by which to teach children math, so where do you get off posting this mess? If you had ever played the game you would know that math skills are not the only “skills” trained within the game anyway. But as we all now know and see, you know nothing of which you write. You just wanted to bash someone to make yourself feel better about having a job you don’t deserve. In the long run, the only fraud here is your ability to write informed articles that don’t have egregious personal bias laced throughout.

    • How do you know how many hours I’ve played Brain Training for? Do I have to upload a photo of my save position and amazingly youthful brain stats?

      And no, I don’t like Nintendo, because it wimped out on making a proper Animal Crossing sequel.

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