Guitar Hero III has made more money than any other videogame ever



That’s how much money has been spent, since its release on October 28th 2007, on Guitar Hero III. That’s enough money to buy 1.3 million 16GB pay-as-you-go iPhones, 18 million Thrustmaster T.16000M joysticks, or 50,000 blinged-up Macbook Airs.

Of course, the whole thing is helped by the fact that the game cost about $90 when it was released, almost twice the price of a normal game, due to its plastic guitar peripheral. Expect sales of Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band, however, to eclipse this figure once again, due to their massive full-band instrument packs.

XKCD Guitar Hero (via Kotaku)

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  • i was wondering how much money did guitar hero series make altogether? and also what or who made guitar hero come to life?

    • Well, Japan has (for a long time) had a series of GuitarFreaksarcade games, which were used as inspiration by a ground of games developers called Harmonix to develop the first Guitar Hero, in 2005. After a while, their parent company, RedOctane was bought out by Activision who handed the franchise to another set of developers called Neversoft. Harmonix then partnered with MTV Games to make the competing game Rock Band. More detail here.

      As for how much it’s earnt over its lifespan – Wikipedia claims $1.6 billion, with 23 million units shipped. That’s an awful lot of plastic guitars…

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