Zattoo offers 30 days of free broadcast quality terrestrial TV via Internet

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zattoo_logo.pngZattoo, the live TV streaming service that launched back in April, is running a special Christmas promotion where all registered users can get free access to broadcast quality versions of four main UK terrestrial channels plus one digital channel.

For thirty days from today, live BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4 and BBC News 24 will be streamed at 576×528 pixel, 1.5Mbps bitrate via the Zattoo service. Update: Zattoo has just announced that the “HQ” service has been extended until 21st March.

It’s yet another way to access TV, just in case you were looking for one. The BBC recently announced that most of its channels, including One and Two, would be streamed live from the website, and ITV1 also allows visitors to watch live TV online. There’s also Kangaroo coming at some point in the near future.

Though this is touted as a bit of a Christmas present for Zattoo users, it’s probably as much a beta test of how much bandwidth gets eaten up by providing the service. It will be interesting to see whether Zattoo expands the service or goes back to lower quality streaming come 15th January.

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    • It’s not been blocked outright yet, though it’s not looking good. The broadcasters involved are looking at alternatives that might allay CCs fears.

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