Prevx develops Internet Explorer 7 fix for latest threat

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Anyone who ignored this morning’s warning to abandon Internet Explorer 7 (and let’s face it, there are better things to be doing over lunch than changing your web browser) can instead rejoice that the first patch for the problem has been released by Prevx.

The web site states:

Prevx have developed a utility that users can run to enable and disable Microsoft’s suggested workarounds. This utility will allow you to disable the affected component of Internet Explorer until Microsoft release a patch via their windows update software.

That’s sufficiently vague to cause anyone even slightly panicky about their computer being hacked and the £2.97 in their current account being stolen to click on the reassuringly large blue button marked “Download IE7 Fix”.

Quite why anyone would want an IE7 “fix” is beyond me – I’m quite happy on my daily dose of Firefox and Safari – but if IE7 is your web drug of choice, stay safe, and get the patch.

No further word from Trend Micro at present, but no doubt as it hasn’t come out with its own fix yet, its advice remains the same – avoid IE7 at all costs. I’m with Trend on this one.

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