Prevx develops Internet Explorer 7 fix for latest threat


Anyone who ignored this morning’s warning to abandon Internet Explorer 7 (and let’s face it, there are better things to be doing over lunch than changing your web browser) can instead rejoice that the first patch for the problem has been released by Prevx.

The web site states:

Prevx have developed a utility that users can run to enable and disable Microsoft’s suggested workarounds. This utility will allow you to disable the affected component of Internet Explorer until Microsoft release a patch via their windows update software.

Trend Micro has it in for Internet Explorer – advises switching to another browser IMMEDIATELY


Trend Micro has upgraded its alert status to DEFCON 1 regarding Internet Explorer, telling internet users to stop using it or face having to call out a man to make your computer start working again and set your home page back to something that isn’t porn.

Apparently, some 10,000 web sites are hosting the newest Internet Explorer-exploiting virus, which attempts to steal online gaming accounts by tricking the easily-trickable into signing into fake accounts hosted on Chinese servers…