Toasty Charger – totally useless design, solves no problem, just like it


The Toasty Charger is one of those concepts that I just can’t help writing about even though it’s utter nonsense. There is nothing useful about charging up your mobile phone battery in a power adapter that works like toaster.

There’s possibly some green benefits with said battery popping up and going off charge once it’s cooked. Not sure how much energy that saves but it would be a relief to know you can leave your standard issue mobile charger in a youth hostel in Sidcup and not sweat it.

You can go over to Yanko Design and see more pictures of Hyun-A Ko’s idea. It just gets sillier, but I think I have a bit of a thing for toasters. I’d have one. Can’t explain it any more than that. Just would. Anyone else?

(via 2dayblog)

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Daniel Sung
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