Be Broadband steps up to the challenge, trial doubles 24Mbps service to near-match Virgin Media


be-broadband-logo.jpgNot to be outdone by Virgin Media’s 50Mbps broadband announcement yesterday, Be Broadband has completed its trials of speed-doubling technology which would take the current 24Mbps broadband up to 48Mbps – almost the same as Virgin Media’s theoretical top speed.

The trial ran at the London Paddington exchange, with Be customers reporting real download speeds of between 30-45Mbps.

Be is keen to point out that its service will run through standard BT phone lines.

Managing Director of Be Broadband, Felix Geyr, said, “We want to push the limits of high-speed broadband. We already offer the fastest possible broadband on an ADSL line, but we want to take it a step further. If you want broadband around the 50Mb mark but don’t want to go the cable route, Be wants to offer you a real alternative.”

No details of the service being rolled out are available yet, but full results from the trial will be published early next year.

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Andy Merrett
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  • They are using line bonding so 2 phone lines, if you currently get 15meg you will get 30meg (ish)
    I currently get 17meg off my line so in theory I would get 34meg, but would need two phone lines to do it.

  • how can they give more then 24meg max they give when alot of lines cant support more then 16meg or even past 24meg it be very lightly there be lines that can handle near the 48meg

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