Train companies agree on barcode format – home ticket printing and mobile sales now on


bar-code-train-ticket-scheme.jpgThe numerous franchises that operate the UK’s splintered, broken, late and chaotic rail network have all agreed on a common barcode format for ticketing, which, when it rolls out, will let us all print out our tickets at home – or buy tickets via text message.

Which means no more dehumanising queuing as you watch the clock tick slowly toward departure time, standing there, with the right money in your hand, helplessly fantasising about barging that old woman out of the way or vaulting the barriers to make your train.

Barcode specialist Masabi has been running trials of its virtual ticketing scheme, with users happily buying tickets via a mobile phone Java application – and ticket inspectors using barcode readers to scan the tickets straight from their phones.

(Via The Reg)

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  • its always good to go digital !! the more digital implementation less the paperwork

  • thats something hreat news for travelers, now hope this technology applies to all other fields too

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