Train companies agree on barcode format – home ticket printing and mobile sales now on


The numerous franchises that operate the UK’s splintered, broken, late and chaotic rail network have all agreed on a common barcode format for ticketing, which, when it rolls out, will let us all print out our tickets at home – or buy tickets via text message.

Which means no more dehumanising queuing as you watch the clock tick slowly toward departure time, standing there, with the right money in your hand, helplessly fantasising about barging that old woman…

Glasgow tube stations get O2 phone reception today


That nice gentleman up there has probably just fainted with delight, after discovering that today he’s able to use his O2 mobile on the tube in Glasgow. We’ve known about it for a while, but today, O2 has brought phone reception to the five busiest platforms on the Glasgow subway – Buchanan Street, St Enoch, Partick, Hillhead and Govan.

The move is just a trial, but if it goes well, then you can bet your bottom dollar, or pound, that it’ll show up in London, and any other subway systems around Britain. Get ready to ask loud people to shut up underground, as well as on buses and trains.

Are you in Glasgow and on O2? What’s the service like – perfect? Or a bit patchy? Let us know in the comments.

O2 Press release (via O2UKOfficial Twitter)

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The 19th Century got Impressionism, we get Suck UK graffiti trains at Firebox

And politicians wonder why this country is going to the dogs! When companies like Suck UK and Firebox are flogging trains you can graffiti yourself, there’s little wonder kids do this to trains nowadays. I just realised how much I’m beginning to sound like Jack Thompson, argh.

Still, even if they are possibly encouraging kids to vandalise public transport, these graffiti trains from Firebox do look like fun, and will allow you to live out the life of Banksy in your very own house. Each train is like a blank canvas…