The 19th Century got Impressionism, we get Suck UK graffiti trains at Firebox


And politicians wonder why this country is going to the dogs! When companies like Suck UK and Firebox are flogging trains you can graffiti yourself, there’s little wonder kids do this to trains nowadays. I just realised how much I’m beginning to sound like Jack Thompson, argh.

Still, even if they are possibly encouraging kids to vandalise public transport, these graffiti trains from Firebox do look like fun, and will allow you to live out the life of Banksy in your very own house. Each train is like a blank canvas, and you can cover it in the ready-made tag-style transfers. Suck UK make ’em, and you can pick them up for £24.99 from those chaps who have gizmos coming out of their ears, Firebox.

Graffiti trains at Firebox

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Katherine Hannaford
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