Going Underground with your mobile

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Good news for mobile phone fans. Soon it will be possible to talk and text even underground.

The Newcastle Metro has become the first tube system in the UK to offer complete mobile phone coverage. All of the network operators are currently working on a new antenna system that will provide continuous coverage through the central underground part of the Newcastle Metro including all tunnels, platforms and concourses.

Underground coverage will overlap with existing coverage to nearby shopping centres, allowing customers to move freely without losing a call. The Newcastle Metro is a busy regional public transport system that supports 40 million passenger journeys every year.

Derek McManus, Head of Network Operations at O2 UK said: “This is landmark for O2 as we know that the underground was one of the last places in the UK where you couldn’t make and receive calls. Our customers tell us that they want to be able to chat and text on the tube system and the Newcastle Metro leads the way. We do encourage all travellers who use their mobiles on the Newcastle Metro to respect the space and privacy of other travellers and display considerate mobile etiquette. “

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