Voda's 3G PC card

Mobile phones

It seems like only yesterday that Vodafone announced it was trialling its 3G Mobile Connect card for laptops. Well it has now made good on its promise and confirmed a full roll out of the card in the next week or so.

Initially the card, which Voda promises will enable users to access the Internet at speeds of up to 384kbps, will only be available to larger businesses. However smaller companies and consumers should be able to snap one up by the beginning of summer. We hear that Orange has a similar card which it will launch around the same time.

The Voda card’s only real drawback is its coverage area. It is limited to areas where the Vodafone 3G network is available (essentially cities like London and Manchester and along the M4). When the card leaves a 3G area it apparently shifts seamlessly to a GPRS network.

There’s no news yet on price, but we don’t think it will be cheap.

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