ENRAGED Jeff Buckley fans plan to scupper Alexandra Burke's 'Hallelujah' Christmas number one plans

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jeff-buckley-alexandra-hallelujah-christmas-WAR.jpgThe much-loved 1994 Jeff Buckley cover version of Leonard Cohen’s staggering Hallelujah is riding high in the charts, as FURIOUS Buckley fans mount an online campaign to stop a “cynical” cover by X Factor star Alexandra Burke earning the Christmas number one.

Thanks to the wonders of iTunes and the numerous other online record-flogging services that mean old records never die, the Buckley massive has already had some success – it looks like Buckley’s Hallelujah will end up at #3 in the chart next week, with Alexandra’s power ballad reinterpretation just pipping it to take the Chrimbo #1, helping the bland warbler follow in such glorious festive footsteps as Bob The Builder, Mr Blobby and the Spice Girls.

Things are finely balanced at the moment, though – the midweek chart shows Jeff’s version at #3, behind some tat by previous reality winner Leona Lewis with Alexandra’s version of Hallelujah at #1 – which seems too far ahead to be stopped now, even by the mighty power of MEN on the INTERNET.

On the plus side, the Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah cover for Xmas Number One! Facebook group currently has over 99,000 members – and a list of places you can buy the single from, should you fancy fighting the WAR of LIGHT and stopping Simon Cowell’s latest puppet making a mess of the proud UK Christmas #1 history books.

Support Jeff at 7Digital, Tunetribe, or iTunes – but NOT Amazon, as Amazon sales don’t count toward the charts, apparently.

(Via The Times)

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  • Well said, such a person should be a good sentence, or the future will be more rampant.

  • There is so much musical facism go on here. I listened to Buckley’s version and was dissapointing after all the whinging by the “Guardians of our music culture”, It had an interesting guitar backing but beyond that was just another cover.

    Equally intersting since the right to the song are owned by Sony it seems Buckley like Alexandra is just another “puppet”, albeit posthumously, in Cowell’s money making machine.

  • arrr is someone gonne be upset when alex gets to number one?
    poor poor you.
    and im guessing he was probably calling you a tosser

    • I don’t have any emotional involvement to this news. I’m just coldly reporting the facts, like Moira Stuart. If I had my way, The Pet Shop Boys’ Always on my Mind would be Christmas number one for ever.

    • Who? Me? Or Simon Cowell? You can’t mean Jeff’s a tosser, as he’s dead and you can’t call dead people tossers out of respect.

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