USB 3.0 spec set in stone – move your files about at speeds of 4.8Gbps

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usb-3-spec-cables-adaptor.jpgIf you’re constantly shuffling vast Blu-ray rips from device to device and sighing while your PC locks up for 27 minutes, rejoice! USB 3.0 is coming to make all your data-copying woes disappear.

The shadowy USB consortium, which meets in Vienna once every 1000 years, has confirmed the spec of USB 3.0, proudly telling everyone that a 25GB file will copy from a PC to a 3.0 device in 70 seconds. Which means your standard 4.5GB stolen HD movie would pop onto a memory key in 14 seconds. Plus it carries more power down the cables, allowing for quicker charging of gadgets and even better USB Cup Warmers.

You could back up an entire hard drive in the time it takes the kettle to boil and the toast to toast. If you’re incredibly serious about and interested in data transfer speeds, the full PDF factsheet is available for analysis here, while the USB illumiati expects 3.0-equipped PCs and gadgets to become the norm from the end of 2009.

(Via The USB Cartel)

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  • The USB 3.0 Front Panel Kit can be installed into a free 3.5 bay of your computer and can be connected internally by using the included PCI Express card. Installing PCI Express cards is easy, simply unscrew and remove your computer’s main body case cover. On your PC’s motherboard near the rear of the computer you’ll see some slots. Then you just plug it in there and take a screw driver to secure it to the back. It expands your system by two USB 3.0 ports which are also downwards compatible to USB 2.0 and USB 1.1. You can connect different USB devices like Docking Station, Card Reader, external enclosure etc.

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