USB 3.0 spec set in stone – move your files about at speeds of 4.8Gbps


If you’re constantly shuffling vast Blu-ray rips from device to device and sighing while your PC locks up for 27 minutes, rejoice! USB 3.0 is coming to make all your data-copying woes disappear.

The shadowy USB consortium, which meets in Vienna once every 1000 years, has confirmed the spec of USB 3.0, proudly telling everyone that a 25GB file will copy from a PC to a 3.0 device in 70 seconds…

Sony DVDirect DVD Burner – for PC-free burning of your blurry home videos

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The Sony DVDirect DVD Burner is a tool for enthusiasts. It’s something your dad would buy out of a catalogue. It has the appearance of being a labour-saving device, without really making much of a difference.

It connects via USB to your camcorder – or you can pop the memory card into one of its holes. From there, you can dump everything onto a dual-layer DVD, complete with auto-generated DVD menu screens…