UK decides that it really really likes Star Wars


star-wars-stormtrooper-parade.jpgIn a poll of five thousand people, 38% said that Star Wars was the greatest Sci-Fi movie of all time. Not Wall-E, Close Encounters, or Short Circuit, but Star Wars. Honestly, talk about predictable. Not only that but Darth Vader was voted most evil Villain, the Lightsaber was the most popular gadget and Han Solo is the most heroic sci-fi hero. Okay! We get it! You like Star Wars! Jeez…

In similarly less-than-shocking news, HG Wells was the nation’s favourite Sci-Fi author, and Star Trek beat out Red Dwarf and Doctor Who to win best Sci-Fi TV show. They only won because Star Wars wasn’t eligible for those categories, y’know.

The whole poll was in honour of a new web sci-fi series, called Kirill, which is only available at If you’re a Sci-Fi fan, then go watch it, and maybe stop voting for Star Wars in surveys. It’s getting boring now. Vote for ET instead.


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  • Star Wars set the bench mark for Science Fiction and Special Effects films.
    It contains a timeless story, based on archetypal mythic themes and has a whole menagarie of memorable characters and creatures that we can all identify with.
    Star Wars has been part of popular culture for the past thirty-one years and continues to have a strong following today.
    Young children love it, teenagers love it as well as adults – so it has this multi-generational appeal that puts it in a very unique place in movie history.

    • Oh, sure, it’s good. I just think it’s been superceded by more modern stuff. Not ET or Wall-E, I was just kidding about those, but there’s certainly better sci-fi movies out there.

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