Graffiti Star Wars AT-AT for auction at Christie's


I guess this is what happens when you park your imperial vehicle in the wrong end of town. Imagine the driver of this graffitied AT-AT having to explain to Lord Vader just why he’s returning back to base covered in rebel stencil art and Aurebesh scrawls. A Sith choking is about the best he could hope for.

Of course, if the poor chap could manage to get a few words out before Vader could lift his fingers, then it may save his neck to say that what was a £50 Hasbro toy from back in the day is now expected to fetch between $1,500 – $2,000 at Christie’s.

The details are that the graffiti Star Wars AT-AT measures 16″ x 18″ and was sprayed by professional artists Ease and JK5 under the direction of Suckadelic but the facts are that it’s a damn fine looking machine.

Christie’s (via GeekAlerts)

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Daniel Sung
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