Asus also does BIG and EXPENSIVE and HEAVY laptops like the 14.1" B80A

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asus-B80A-laptop.jpgAsus isn’t just there for the small and cheap things in life. It also creates monster power-laptops that you might think twice about carrying about with you for fear of dislocating a shoulder.

Like this thing here, the B80A, a new prestige, top-of-the-line model for the power business user who is buying things on expenses so doesn’t mind how much it costs.

Packing a Core 2 Duo of your choice up to the T9400, a 14.1″ screen, Windows Vista and hard drive support for SATA models running at a battery-eating 7200rpm, it is every bit the laptop for the image-conscious man in a suit about Euston train station. Here is how Asus describes the needs of the business user…

“To get the job done, executives need the computing power to breeze through documents, reports and, increasingly, multimedia content. They also need a comprehensive suite of connectivity options for communicating and collaborating with colleagues and clients, or accessing critical, timely information.”

Brilliant explanation of business. We might also suggest that many top businessmen need massive hard drives for storing loads of pirated adult movies on to make long stays in foreign hotel rooms much more bearable.

(Via Asus)

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