Asus also does BIG and EXPENSIVE and HEAVY laptops like the 14.1" B80A


Asus isn’t just there for the small and cheap things in life. It also creates monster power-laptops that you might think twice about carrying about with you for fear of dislocating a shoulder.

Like this thing here, the B80A, a new prestige, top-of-the-line model for the power business user who is buying things on expenses so doesn’t mind how much it costs.

Packing a Core 2 Duo of your choice up to the T9400, a 14.1″ screen, Windows Vista and hard drive support for SATA models running at a battery-eating 7200rpm, it is every bit the laptop for the image-conscious man in a suit about Euston train station. Here is how Asus describes the needs of the business user…