Asus is hiring – boosting laptop manufacturing by 77% to cope with demand

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eeepc900-sales-forecast-asus.jpgThe globally beloved small laptop maker has said it’s well on target to sell 11.3 million notebooks and netbooks this year and will shift a massive 20 million next year, making it one of the “top four” laptop sellers in the world.

As a result, Asus is currently hiring old women and buying hair-nets and raw materials in an attempt to boost its factory output by 77% this year, as it attempts to cope with rocketing demand for its extremely wide – and rapidly widening – range of cheap laptops.

Despite the laboured attempts by the competition to jump on the “netbook” bandwagon, demand for Asus laptops is growing quickly according to Asustek Chairman Jonney Shih, as people still associate Asus with the new miniaturised, low-spec affordable format.

(Via Reuters)

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