Automate your home firework display with Launch Kontrol



Fancy automating your upcoming fireworks display, and reduce the risk of blowing your face off because you just had to go back to see why that last rocket didn’t go off? If so, the Launch Kontrol unit could be for you.

Instead of faffing about with matches to light a firework’s fuse, you just attach an E-clip that can be activated by remote control from up to 25 metres away. This E-clip is heated for a fraction of a second, lighting the fuse safely.

Each module can launch up to five fireworks in sequence, and each remote control unit is programmed with a unique, random ID so there should be no danger of other units setting your fireworks off.

The Launch Kontrol is on special offer until 28th October, costing £19.99. Replacement E-clip packs cost £9.99.

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