Become a renowned photography expert thanks to the Universal Photo Timer

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universal-photo-timer.jpgThe Universal Photo Timer definitely lives up to its universal tag. You can set it up to be triggered by motion, like the clever person who took that fancy droplet splosh photo to the left there did, by aiming the trigger sight at the area and letting it automatically take a photo when it senses movement.

Or, if you’re feeling arty AND dangerous, the thing can be set up to take photos via sound, so you may take pics of bullets going into watermelons if you’ve ever wondered what the insides of a watermelon look like. Or you can just have it take a shot when you tell it to, thanks to also having a simple wired remote control.

The base unit costs $175, with other plug-ins like the audio-trigger microphone costing a bit extra. A drop in the ocean, considering the fees you’ll be commanding as a world class creator of dull stock images.

(Via OhGizmo)

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